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Garden of The Andes Organic Chamomile, 20 bags


Imagine an emerald green field at the foothills of the Andes, dotted as far as the eye can see with the white nodding heads of daisies. That’s where the flowers for our chamomile tea grow. Undisturbed, organically, the way nature intended. Exceptional in flavor and aroma, our Chamomile variety is considered one of the best in the world. Each sip chases away worries, soothes the stomach and relaxes the body.

This chamomile which organically grown in the foothill of The Andes mountains has very pleasant aroma and flavour. It is a wonderful tea to calm and relax your chaotic mind.


Product Highlight

Relax and destress.


  • Made from chamomile that cultivated organically in the beautiful southern Andes.
  • The chamomile is harvested by hand to preserve the essence of the herbs.
  • Distinctive aroma of chamomile due to the diversified climate, soil condition, high altitude and the Andean quality of the water.
  • The herb teas are packed in double chamber teabags and each is protected with a paper envelope that guarantees the optimum freshness.
  • Every tea box and shipping carton are made of recycled paper.


Country of Origin


100% chamomile flowers (Chamomila recutita)

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chamomile flowers (Chamomila recutita)

country of origins



Store at a cool, dry place. Avoid from direct sunlight.