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Sonnentor Flowers Herbal Tea, 40g

Sonnentor Flowers Herbal Tea, 40g


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This flower blend convinced solely by their colors which is full of inspiration! The finely-tuned blend of powerful herbs and delicate blossoms have a delicate, sweet flavor. With chamomile, apple mint and marigold, this tea uplifts one’s mood throughout the day.


Product Highlight

Be Inspired by the colorful intensity!



  • Certified Organic (Austria Bio Garantie)
  • Caffeine free
  • Alkaline food.
  • Vegan friendly


The blooming artistic teas produces yellow shimmers with green nuances when infused in water. Its flavor can be described with the words fresh, floral and aromatic. Flavor of the tea reminds one of, yet flowery body to a gentle summer breeze.


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certified organic Apple mint (Mentha gentilis – without menthol), certified organic sunflower leaves, organic sunflower blossoms, organic calendula, organic oregano, organic chamomile, organic cornflowers, organic rose petals, organic lilac blossoms

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