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Vitabio Choc’o Flakes

Vitabio Choc’o Flakes


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Irresistibly crunchy chocolate flakes! All the richness of whole wheat for a terrific breakfast! A bowl of Choc’o Flakes sprinkled with breakfast beverage, gives you iron, magnesium, calcium… and irresistible crunchiness!


Product Highlight

A great breakfast with nutritional richness of whole wheat!



  • Made from certified organic ingredients.
  • Free from trans fat.
  • Vitabio Choc’o Flakes is 20% higher in protein and dietary fibre and lower in sugar compared to conventional leading brand!
  • Free from artificial additive such as preservative, colouring and flavouring.


Country of Origin




Whole wheat flour*, wheat flour*, cocoa powder* , vanilla*), cane sugar*, barley malt syrup* and sea salt.

* ingredients from agricultural origin, organically grown (100%).




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Weight 0.46 kg