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Why Not? Organic Virgin Raw Coconut Oil, 250ml


From Coconut to Coconut Oil in Just 15 Minutes

Certified organic. Raw. Cold-Pressed. Extra virgin. Beside these fundamental qualities, we push the limits to bring you the freshest and smoothest possible coconut oil.

What Makes Us Different?

1. Made in Thailand
Thailand is known to produce high quality coconuts with a uniquely mild, fresh and sweet taste. We use only Thai coconuts from the prime coconut growing region of the southeast coast, where there is sunshine all-year round and plenty of rain-the perfect climate for premium quality coconuts.

Made from 100% organic coconut milk certified by the USDA, EU, JAS and HALAL certified.


2. Freshest Possible
From cracking open the coconut to bottling it as an oil, the entire process takes less than 15 minutes, preserving freshness with blinding speed.


3. Low Water Content
The less water content in coconut oil there is, the higher its quality. Why Not?® Coconut Oil is processed using an advanced vacuum technique developed over 15 years of research, which keeps the coconut oil’s moisture level extremely low without damaging its nutrients.

Independent lab tests have confirmed that coconut oil with low water content has a longer shelf life (up to 6 years), tastes smoother, is not greasy, is less irritating on the throat and is better absorbed by the body.


4. Raw, Cold-Pressed
No heat is used throughout the entire process, which preserves the valuable active nutrients and its unique smooth aftertaste.



• Certified organic
• Raw, First cold-pressed virgin oil
• 100% pure coconut milk
• More coconuts used per bottle than other brands
• 100% Cold-pressed without heat
• No water added during pressing
• Bottled fresh in 15 minutes
• Extremely low moisture level
• Smooth aftertaste

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100% organic virgin, first cold-pressed coconut oil

How to Use

Excellent for oil pulling therapy and as dressing for salads or your favourite dishes.


Keep in cold dry place. Avoid direct heat. Clouding may occur with cool temperature storage.



• Contains lauric acid— Helps boost immune system.

• Good for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers as nutrients can be passed to baby through breast milk.

• Excellent wholefood with antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

• May be used externally for eczema.

• High in medium chain triglycerides (MCT):
– Encourages fat burning
– Increases energy levels
– Boost brain function. Improves Alzheimer’s symptoms.
– Beneficial for those with weak digestion
– A must for those who have removed their gallbladder
– Protects the skin, hair, and teeth