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Sonnentor Organic Flowery Turmeric Tea, 18 bags

Spice up your life!  “Flowery” for a powerful breath

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Sonnentor Organic Golden Turmeric Tea, 18 bags

Spice up your life!


Golden Turmeric Tea is known for its versatility and supports good health all year round. It shines rich, dark yellow and tastes wonderfully spicy and full-bodied. Refined with a small sip of (vegetable) milk, it is an excellent alternative to coffee. If served with slightly warm, it wonderfully complements cheeses and colourful vegetable stir-fries. Namas tea!

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Sonnentor Organic Raw Green Coffee, 18 bags

This is made from raw, unroasted coffee beans!

Mindful reduction. Green coffee is an absolute trendy drink of our time. In terms of taste, it is much more reminiscent of herbal tea than coffee and has fine accents of cardamom. In shimmers bright grass green and smells pleasantly of hay and meadows.

Ideally, you drink it after sport or a meal. Try it!

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Voelkel Organic Bio C Antioxidant, 750ml

Seize Today with Bio C!

Organically grown whole dark fruits with give this dark multi-fruit juice a potent taste and high Vitamin C content. Just one glass (0.2 litres) fulfills an adult’s daily vitamin C requirement.

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