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Emile Noel Organic Virgin Sunflower Oil, 500ml


Your Omega-6 Oil

This high omega-6 oil is first cold-pressed from linoleic sunflower seeds from France. Omega-6 helps on cell metabolism and cholesterol regulation.

It is also used in Sunflower Oil Therapy (Oil pulling) recommended by Dr. F. Karach as a simple natural detox therapy that we can do easily at home.

This is first cold pressed oil from certified organic sunflower seeds. They are mechanically pressed using traditional screw pressing machine, without being exposed to temperature more than 60°C and never undergone any refinery process.


Product Highlights

Pale yellow oil with mild nutty flavour



  • Certified organic
  • First cold-pressed virgin oil
  • Packed in dark amber bottle
  • Nitrogen flushed to prevent oxidation before opening




100% first cold pressed certified organic sunflower seed oil


Country of Origin


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