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Garden of The Andes Organic Ceylon Tea, 20 bags


While our black tea steeps, the scent of cocoa wafts on the steam. A wake-up call to the senses, our organic blend is full-bodied, yet smooth and balanced, evoking pepper and earthy notes. Perfect for curling up with on a chilly night, or for refreshing you when it’s iced. Elegant and versatile, drink it with milk as an alternative to coffee, or brighten with lemon to enhance its natural sweetness.

This tea is grown organically at the tea farm located at high pleateaus of Sri Lanka. Hand harvested and naturally fermented to produce a full bodied, smooth, balanced black tea with evoking pepper and earthy notes.


Product Highlight

A wake up call for your delicate senses!


  • Made from finest selected grade of black tea cultivated at the high pleateaus of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), the point of origin for the world’s finest teas.
  • Distinctive aroma of the ceylon tea due to the diversified climate, soil condition and high altitude of tea farm at Sri Lanka.
  • The teas are packed in double chamber teabags and each is protected with a paper envelope to guarantee optimum freshness.
  • Every tea box and shipping carton are made of recycled paper.


Country of Origin

Organic black tea from Sri Lanka, repacked in Chile.


100% organic black tea (Camellia sinensis).

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