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Sonnentor Organic Chili Powder – Cayenne pepper (40g)

Sonnentor Organic Chili Powder – Cayenne pepper (40g)


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Many people do not like chili maybe because they are not a masochist. After all,it is not a sharp taste but a feeling. Others love the sharpness of chili, are even addicted to it.

Product Highlight

Stay red-hot with cayenne of Sonnentor!


  • Certified Organic. (Austira Bio Garantie)  
  • GMO free 
  • Vegan friendly
  • Consists of dried and ground cayenne pepper pods.


From the bright orange-red color of ground chillies one can already expect the intense taste experience. Its fruity aroma is harmless. Apart from a slightly sweet note,the fiery heat is drowned out by its intense sharpness with various nuances of its aroma.

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Organic Chilli

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Weight 0.06 kg