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Sonnentor Pepper Black Powder, 35g

Sonnentor Pepper Black Powder, 35g


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The dried, unpeeled grains of Sonnentor pepper seeds have a delicate, fruity aroma and an intense, sharp yet penetrating flavor. The fruits are harvested just before full ripeness and dried under sunlight. Black pepper powder is versatile with completely crushed or freshly ground.


Product Highlight

More than just “sneezing powder!”



  • Certified Organic. (Austira Bio Garantie)
  • The black peppercorn is picked when still green and dried in the sun unpeeled.
  • Gluten free and vegan friendly.



The Sonnentor ground black pepper can be seen from afar by its spicy yet peppery aroma which is detected by the nose all at once. Once on the palate, it has a short to medium-sharpness with a splendid pepper note.


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Organic black pepper

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