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Voelkel Organic Sauerkraut Juice (Demeter), 700ml


Voelkel Sauerkraut Juice is fermented naturally and rich in prebiotics to boost up the immune system.

Food for the gut!


  • Certified organic
  • No added sugar
  • GMO free
  • Naturally fermented from biodynamic cabbages.
  • No sugar added and no preservatives.
  • Pasteurized.


Did You Know?

What is Demeter?

Demeter is the only certification body for biodynamic products. Besides prohibits use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers, biodynamic farming emphasizes balancing and holistic development and inter-relationship of soil, plants and animals to achieve sustainable farming. Biodynamic farming produces crops that have better taste and higher therapeutic value.


Country of Origin




Sauerkraut juice*, sea salt (0.6%).

*from biodynamic farming

Weight 1.12 kg



Benefits Promotes friendly bacteria growth in the intestines for healthier digestive system and helps to relieve constipation. Strengthen the immune system and prevent yeast infection such as candidiasis, mouth ulcer and urinary tract infection.  Good source of vitamin C. Half cup (120ml) provides 36% of vitamin C daily requirement. 

Usage Instruction

Suggested Use Shake well before serving. Drink it as a juice or used it in recipe.Storage InstructionsKeep at cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep refrigerated after opening and consume within 5 days.

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