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Sonnentor Smokey Salt, 150g

Golden salt.

The sea salt is smoked in a small smokehouse on the Swabian Alb with the finest fir and beech smoke. The beige, slightly golden salt smells pleasantly of smoke and fits well with lentils and grilled. Best to add towards the end of the cooking time. Smoker fans will love it!

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Sonnentor Frankie’s Barbecue Spice Mix, 35g

BBQ fan?

Then you are really well advised with Frankie. The spice lights up in a wonderful terracotta red and convinces with a particularly spicy taste. The creation of paprika, garlic and Mediterranean herbs is rounded off by a fruity sharpness and is incredibly versatile. It goes well with vegetables. The food becomes especially tender when it is placed in a marinade of olive oil and Frankie’s barbecue spice. Ran to the rust!

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Sonnentor Mrs Wong’s Rice Spice Mix, 35g

For tasty rice dishes

The combination of cinnamon, ginger and cumin gives rice a warm touch and tempts your taste buds ! the unique red beets and carrots pieces are a feast for the eyes and the sweet and mild aroma of cumin and cinnamon turns the sweet oriental spices into harmonic blend.

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Sonnentor Happiness is… Being a Woman Tea Blend, 18 bags

Make your own magic! This tea made with lady`s mantle, rosemary and cranberries convince with its tart, fruity and sweet taste. It works well in every situation and harmonizes wonderfully with Mediterranean dishes such as tomato pasta dishes and Piccata Milanese.

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