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Sonnentor Breastfeeding tea, 18 tea bags


Soothing Tea for Breastmilk Supply

Breastfeeding is the best option for the little one’s well-being and nurtures a strong emotional connection between mum and baby. Here is the perfect spice herbal tea blend that is curated to support healthy milk production. The sweet licoricey taste and aromatic spice blend of organic fennel, anise, fenugreek combined with relaxing lemon verbena & lemon balm help mothers to breastfeeding and support the little’s one at the peace of mind.

What makes us different?

  1. Organic right from the startWhile most move away from the countryside, Sonnentor founder – Johannes Gutmann loves the Waldviertel region and herbs grew in the field. He is passionate about organic farming even before the word organic existed. Since 1988, SONNENTOR has been sourcing organic quality herbs and spices, today more than 200 farmers belong to the SONNENTOR family and they work with around 1000 organic farmers worldwide.
  2. Source Quality Herbs around the WorldSONNENTOR obtains 200 organic herbs, spices and coffee from around the world. 60% raw material is from local partners in Austria, they also source from other regions with abundant supply which suits the particular climate to ensure high quality herbs and spices, eg: paprika from Spain, cloves and pepper from Southern region.
  3. Direct fair trade with farmerSONNENTOR works directly with farmers to ensure they receive fair prices and the raw materials meet high quality and organic standards. This also creates jobs in the rural areas, giving livelihoods to many farmers’ families over generations.
  4. Comprehensive quality assuranceQuality assurance begins with strict inspection, including sensors, contamination, feedback and etc. All organic raw materials are microbiologically analyzed in accredited laboratories and use highly sensitive metal detectors to ensure the quality. Manual visual inspection is also done to ensure strict quality assurance.
  5. Sustainable packaging, 91% packaging fed into raw material cycleDedicated to environmentally friendly production by using packaging material that are made from renewable raw materials, this includes the foils made from wood fiber, unbleached tea made from banana fiber, compostable colour instead of print colour, no plastic windows on packaging, use of FSC – certified paper and cardboard.
  6. Carbon Dioxide Neutral & PositiveTo reach the products to more than 50 countries need a lot of energy. SONNENTOR saves the environmental CO2 by doing manual work, only uses machines when it is necessary, sustainable transport by using empty truck to their home country, and use of renewable power of sun to keep the ecological footprint small. SONNENTOR supports methodical humus build up, binding the CO2 to ground. SONNENTOR is also working towards their own Organic farm – FreiHof for which make them self-sufficient.
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Fennel*, Lemon Verbena*, Anise*, Lemon Balm*, caraway*, fenugreek*

*From certified, organic agriculture

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